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Create a Healthy Office Environment this Allergy Season

Is Your Office Ready for Allergy Season? We all know that cold and flu season wreaks havoc on office productivity and sick days but what about allergy season? Those that suffer from seasonal allergies are more susceptible to triggers that can be found in a typical office. Removing these triggers can provide a healthier environment,…

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How to get your kids to clean! 5 Tips on making Parents Happy. #DIY #tips #KidsClean

So, you want to know “How to get kids to clean?” Well, keeping a clean, happy home is a group effort and if you have kids, you know this can be a challenge! The good news is, no matter what the age, it is possible to get your children involved in the cleaning process, creating…

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Have you met Chris Capalbo?

C’s Home and Office Management has become such a pillar in our community, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to one of the forces behind Sag Harbor’s locally owned business. To all our C’s customers and blog subscribers, we thought you’d like to know more about who you’re letting into your home;…

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